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Did you ever wonder why...

...the old mainstream, corporate-owned, establishment media sucks?

...the old media is so negative, unfair, anti-American, and problem-based?

...the old media uses logical fallacies, psychological triggers, and nonsense?

... the old media is obsessed with violence, lack, scarcity, lies, and fear?

...the old media works AGAINST you and not FOR you?

...the revolution WILL NOT BE TELEVISED?

... the old media establishment DOES NOT CARE about you?

...the old media sucks?

We believe media can be...

...a NEW visionary community of co-creators

...a NEW place for companions, not combatants

...a NEW source of positive, forward moving energy

...inspiring, entertaining, informative, educational

...promote abundance, prosperity, truth, and joy

...media that is FOR the people, not AGAINST the people

...about good people doing good things for good reasons


We're getting ready...

We are coming soon (after last minute fine-tunings)...

...and we are coming from "the clouds"

...after much coffee, pizza, beer, burgers, and stuff

And every eye will see us

Beware, this isn't "creative destruction"

We are "creating the creation" because...

WE are creating it...

...to LAUNCH in 2016.

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