America Works


10671341_773323682725707_7160704855321936892_nAmerica Works is a TV show about real Americans, by real Americans, and for real Americans and it is a show whose time has arrived because the show is more than just a big idea. It’s a new paradigm in TV programming. America Works is also a new kind of show created, produced, and hosted by David Scotland who specifically wanted to create something very unique and, quite frankly, non-traditional. We wanted to enjoy creating an innovative, upbeat, and inspiring new kind of TV show that blazes new trails while not being based on the boring, flaccid, and worn-out mantras of attack and “conflict for conflict’s sake.” We wanted to make a show that the whole family can watch while being entertaining, educational, inspirational, and transformational.

Additionally, David was very much about this show not being “about, by, and for” politicized, Wall Street-ized, or Hollywood-ized “elitist” or establishment-type Americans “performing” (selling?) super-abstract or anti-American ideas, think-tank scenarios, or conspiracy-theory facades irrelevant to intelligent Americans’ actual reality, beliefs, behaviors, and desires. Instead, we intend to showcase, explore, and celebrate authentic, intelligent, productive, and inspiring workers, makers, doers, co-creators, and companies building and innovating the future — because it’s about time for THIS kind of show!

David Scotland with Derrick Hall for America WorksUnlike what can be found in pre-existing media, this is not a show based on ignorance, spectacle, attack, fear, combativeness, shock, lowest common denominator, terrible “bottom-feeder” reality TV. Most of America is sick of that crap, the host and creator of America Works is sick of that crap, and frankly, as he says, “If you don’t like the GOOD America and the GOOD Americans getting GOOD results that I’m going to show you, don’t even bother coming back to watch.”

David knows that people who are looking for what has traditionally been called “good TV” (i.e.: shows with stupid people doing stupid things) aren’t the audience for this show — so you’d better tune in to some pre-existing “Hollywood” crap channel if you want to get your stupid on because America Works isn’t that kind of show. America and Americans have been torn down and lied to enough. It’s time to enjoy creating, building, and showing others what real work and progress is all about. Who knows, YOU may be on it someday!

David Scotland with Bunny at Mysterious Galaxy for America WorksOut with the old, and in with the new, eh? If you’re ready for a show that puts real, hard-working, intelligent, kind, loving, productive, innovative Americans first (and NEVER showcases the opposite of those), then this is the show you’ve been waiting for. We’ve created the kind of show we would want to watch (and we’re pretty sure Hollywood will hate it and we’re SOOO fine with that!). So we hope you’ll join us on this exciting adventure of a new kind of TV show that clearly isn’t out to attack, debase, and malign Americans, but instead empowers, emboldens, and encourages them to move forward and make some much needed intelligent, productive, and profitable progress!


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