Summary: Companionism is the antidote for capitalism, communism, socialism, and all the other “-isms” that, frankly, haven’t worked, aren’t working, and won’t work for everyone who has “Reverence for Life, Liberty, and Love for All.” Welcome to the new paradigm that actually works. America and the World CAN work for everyone if and only if we agree that there is a better way than holding many people hostage for the few while the few write the laws for US so THEY may have order (and ownership of the rest of us and all the resources). The world has NO REAL ESTATE DEED given by The Creator TO the rich, only. The earth belongs to all of us. Let’s get it together, people. It’s time to be COMPANIONS of each other instead of combatants.

Who We Are: We are teachers, leaders, visionaries, masters, students, and mentors. We are passionate people interested in creating new economic opportunities by serving creativity, community, and country. We enjoy creating innovative, compelling, inspiring, sustainable, and empowering new ways to be companions of each other rather than combatants, and thus change ourselves and our world for the better. Think of it as a new twist on capitalism that serves humanity’s real needs. Make no mistake about it, we are a social business first because unless we are busy “creating happily ever after” for each other we are not living, breathing, walking, talking examples of the fruits of the spirit as companions of each other instead of combatants. We are not here to serve money, money is here to serve us. We are not here to start wars, we are here to end wars. We are not here to combat one another, we are here to “love one another.”

We are a new form of economic organization linking social, ethical, environmental objectives with commercial and financial ones. As such, we believe we are much more than entrepreneurs and we do more than make pretty profitable numbers happen for the bottom line – we are some of the most important architects of positive and creative change on the planet today. That’s because we believe we are vehicles for empowering personal, organizational, and global transformation. We are those “great change agents” and we are ready to connect, discover, and respond with you about ideas that embrace, embody love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, power, wisdom, truth, victory so we may have resonance in radiance to live as all of who we really are. 

We do not believe in the extremes of hyper-individualism (“it’s all about me and to hell with everyone else”) or hyper-collectivism (it’s all about the group, the country, the corporation, etc. and to hell with individuals). We believe each person should be able to have the freedom to be all of who they really are in terms of the “fruits of the spirit” while recognizing the fact that life works best when we enjoy living as interdependent and cooperative companions of each other instead of independent and competitive combatants. 

What We Do:  We respond to today’s problems and predicaments with: new ideas, fresh perspectives, honesty, trust, honor, loyalty, truth, goodness, love, authenticity, empathy, positive deviance, new and unique twists on old or broken paradigms, better strategies, inspiring solutions, and productive and ethical methods that work for us rather than against us while minding our lawful and financial accountabilities as well as our social responsibilities.

The Big Why: Companionism is a way of being and doing in the world. It’s not just a mindset, it’s an art movement, an economic philosophy, and a way of life. Because several critical and important factors are needed for succeeding in today’s world, we strive to provide the best in creating solutions that work better, stronger, cleaner, happier, and healthier, that are more sane, loving, rational, logical, ethical and reasonable while generating stability and sustainability for ourselves, our communities, and our world. And let’s face facts and tell it like it is: all the negativity and “creative destruction” is doing nobody any good. It’s time for positive progress that works for us, that creates with us, that celebrates humanity rather than does every conceivable thing to negate and destroy it. We are willing to be companions of each other, our businesses, our communities, and our world so we may have and enjoy our life together in abundance, to the full, until it overflows. Will you join us?