Show Photo for We Are Creating ItWe Are Creating It is much more than a global content network showcasing highly unique and world-class programming of quality broadcast media via audio, video, web, and print channels. It is simply “The world’s #1 best original co-creative content by creativestors.” We only feature content that is entertaining, educational, informative, and inspiring to our millions of viewers in our ever-growing worldwide audience. 

All of our shows are exclusive to our paid subscribers of the We Are Creating It content network and all programming is proud to be owned, operated, created, produced, distributed, and sold by Big Joy Media, the production company of the We Are Creating It content network “of creativestors, by creativestors, for creativestors” and based on the revolutionary economic model known as the “3G Economy” which is comprised of creativestors who stand for enjoying creating, as in: “A company in which the creators, the creating, and the creation become one.”

Get it? A creativestor is the creator and the investor all in the same person. Why are we very interested in this? In short because we think it’s the best, sustainable economic solution to a global economic system gone mad and because frankly there are way too many examples throughout history of “the money people” telling creators what to create and why — and, well, look at the mess the world is in. Just because someone has money doesn’t mean they have a good enough heart to know where to invest that money.

WACI - 2015 NEW LOOKSo our economic and business model changes that for the better. We believe in “good people doing good things for good reasons” and it’s time to allow those who are good and who can create to actually create their good creations and then reap the rewards instead of those rewards going to mere investors to whom the Universe didn’t send the “big idea” to in the first place much less do the actual creation process. It’s time for “the money” people to get out of the way and start asking themselves, “Who is John Galt?” Clearly it’s those of us to whom God gave the ideas to, to whom God has entrusted those ideas because who better to raise those children than the people who received the idea in the first place?

This is about putting creators first, last, and everything in-between because if the world can be saved, improved, and loved, it’s going to be by people who actually know how to do that, and then some. And for the record, we don’t believe making money is bad or that no one should have and enjoy money. Rather, it’s time for non-creators to stop suggesting to creators who should be creating what, when, where, why, and how. It’s time for “the money” to know it’s place, as in “get thee behind me satan!” LOL!

We strongly believe in empowering creators enjoying creating their creations so that the creators, themselves, may enjoy the fruits of their labor. After all, God gave the creators the seeds, not the “money changers.” Get it? Yeah. Kinda like that. Enough with the self-entitled, arrogant, invalidating, “claim stakers” taking away that which was not their’s in the first place. Now, the creator is in charge, so you’d better get used to it. The only one we answer to is the Creator within each of us. So not only are we the change we want to see in the world, we are creating it. Welcome to our world.