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As creator and producer of some of the hottest business ideas, and entertaining & educational content today, David Scotland’s expertise, passion, vision, and track record shows us an inspiring range of new ways individuals and businesses can work together to produce, innovate, improve, inspire, and co-create better micro- and macro- economies by helping not one person at a time but millions of people at a time, and succeed.

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Whether he’s in front of or behind the scenes, David enjoys creating as a multi-faceted co-creator, entrepreneur, idea-guy, storyteller, producer, artist, musician, and teacher. He has 20+ years experience with sales, marketing, direct response, corporate training, P&L management, strategic planning, brand development, and new business development — as well as creating, writing, producing, and performing in radio, TV, film, music, and live theatre. His customized, cost-efficient & highly profitable direct response sales, marketing, & promotional programs have gone out to anywhere from 4,000 to over 3-million customers while generating additional no-cost/low-cost advertising impressions and with newfound profits ranging from tens of thousands up to millions of dollars.

David’s business career started with re-engineering the labor, inventory, employee training, and merchandising management programs at both Safeway and Starbucks (saving each millions in costs and generating tens of millions in previously unrealized profits). He was also a regular columnist for Box Office Magazine, started a new art & economic movement for the 21st century called COMPANIONISM with its World Premiere at the Portland Art Museum, was a DJ for his own radio show on KEWU-FM’s “The Jazz Station,” has produced over 1,500 different radio PSAs, has produced and hosted local segments for “The Sporting Edge” TV show in Spokane, WA. david was a recipient of a regional Gold Addy Award for Best New Original Branding Design and the 2007 Most Innovative Product or Marketing Micro Business Award by the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, and was featured in the New York Times Bestselling book “Instant Income” by Janet Switzer.

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He and his company have worked with some of the most successful companies, businesses, and individual professionals in the world including: the Fortune 100 & 500, International Olympic Committee, PETCO, Starbucks, Safeway, Habitat for Humanity, The Children’s Hospital Foundation, Escondido Charter High School, Portland Art Museum, Albina Community Bank, USANA, Clark County Council for the Homeless, Tribune Media, NEC Solutions America, Lucasfilm THX, ConMED Corporation, The Tony Hawk Foundation, Honda, Chevrolet, American Express, PepsicCo, Coca Cola, Regal Entertainment Group, Harkins Theatres, Krikorian Theatres, NIKE, Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center, Maria Shriver, Madonna, Uri Geller, Paula Abdul, Dolly Parton, David Mirisch Enterprises, Kevin Kline, Patricia Neal, Trisha Yearwood, and Alan Thicke, Tucker Smallwood, Jason Corsaro, Drew Daniels, Dennis D’Amico, Philip Fortenberry, HARPO, DISNEY, TODAY Show, ABC, CBS, NBC; every major Hollywood movie studio and every major newspaper in the USA; local, regional, and national media; as well as other businesses and entrepreneurs; doctors, healers, wellness practitioners; authors, writers, speakers, coaches; and launches for new companies, products, and services. He produced, performed, and owns the last known interview with Art Linkletter, and was screenwriter and producer for two feature films: “UR PRE-APPROVED” with  Elizabeth Warren (before she became Senator Warren), Anya Kamenetz, and Ed Mierzwinski; and, “Back From the Edge” with national experts on health & wellness including Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. David Jones, Dr. Carolyn Dean, Dr. Bruce Perry, and Dr. Fabrizio Mancini.

David Scotland and Friends

He’s worked with over 54 different types of businesses in various industries as a business vector analyst while helping to create and develop new business with multiple revenue streams by maximizing previously hidden or underdeveloped profit hot-spots through his own innovative sales, marketing, and promotion strategies. He has also developed and produced B.A. and M.B.A. curricula in marketing for Pepperdine University, Loyola Marymount, and Middlesex University (U.K.), and media curricula for Escondido Charter High School.

Although he’s beginning to be recognized as one of America’s most inspiring experts in personal and professional vector analysis, David refuses to think and produce like the “old tribe.” Instead, he believes that only by creating and nurturing innovative, productive, educational, interconnecting macro- and micro-economies can we enjoy newfound prosperity and success in achieving dynamic unity, freedom, and peace yet unseen on the planet.

BIG JOY MEDIAAs the creator, principal, and executive producer of Big Joy Media, his new company is devoted to building, curating, and growing better economies by leveraging systems in media production & distribution, entertainment & education, marketing & sales, and content & context. Big Joy Media is the marketing and production company for We Are Creating It — a multimedia content platform launching in 2015 with its own quality content programming for a global audience and brand new media experience.

Whether it’s for small businesses or solo entrepreneurs, non-profits or mom-and-pops, or even multi-billion-dollar corporations, David never stops enjoying creating because he just gets a big kick out of it AND he absolutely loves helping people get real, productive, bankable results that deliver above and beyond the ROI, ROE, and ROA they’re used to. That’s because Big Joy Media only delivers loving, practical, customized, proven growth strategies and systems that are refreshing and powerful, financially rewarding, innovative yet cost-effective, that provide maximum efficiency, productivity, and profitability no matter the product or service, business or budget, so you can have and enjoy the success you want.

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David entered Gonzaga University with Honors at Entrance with a Regent Scholarship, then attended Eastern Washington University, University of Portland, and finally graduated with a B.A. in Management of Human Resources from George Fox University. It turns out his love of learning was merely foreshadowing what he’s creating now. David actually enjoyed taking six years to earn what he calls his “B.A.+” which means he earned a B.A. degree plus four “major minors” (he had surpassed the requirements for the minor by at least 8 classes and was only 1 or 2 classes away from getting the major, but he got bored). His 4 major-minors were in English, Art History, Music, and Business for Radio/TV/Film.

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Within Big Joy Media and We Are Creating It, David creates, produces, and hosts his own audio teaching programs, video library, radio show, workshop and seminar series, international conferences, and world tour music concerts. David’s goal is to make sure his content is enjoyed by tens of millions around the world in over 100 different countries with a portion of all proceeds going to help support his own charitable foundation that infuses love, joy, and hope into needed educational and entrepreneurship programs, along with appropriate goods and services to people in need around the world.

David Scotland with Families of Habitat for Humanity Build Site in Portland, OR

David knows that the thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy* so, despite all the challenges and setbacks he’s had over the years like: the disbelievers, naysayers, tricksters, negaholics, or scores of people who told him “no” or who criticized or condemned him; and despite the very lean times, being born with a compromised immune system only to be diagnosed with terminal cancer at 26 years old and given only ten years to live (but beating it with all-natural methods and no drugs, chemo, or surgery of any kind), David is determined to live his life every day with thankfulness and gratefulness for having a second chance at life and to live his dreams while helping others achieve theirs.

David Scotland at Habitat for Humanity BuildsiteHis life is a living testimony to never giving up while being an inspiration to others for creating, doing, and being with excellence while enjoying and sharing a life based on creating, peace, love, joy, power, wisdom, victory, and Truth. No matter the odds, no matter the challenge, no matter what the solution demands, he will never conform to the herd of destruction. He’s just going to “keep on keeping on” and prove that he CAN and WILL do whatever it takes to have and enjoy life in abundance, to the full, until it overflows* and show others how to do the same onward and upward, straight on to victory.

* John 10:10 (AMP)