This is about the gathering of like-minded people taking a stand NOW by showing up 100% as ALL OF WHO WE REALLY ARE and sharing that with the world. Who are we? We are: intelligent, loving, ethical, sane, peaceful, healthy, happy, productive, and multi-talented. Why are we doing this project? Because if you are “one of us,” then you are noticing that this world is upside down, messed up, with stupid people all over the place doing what stupid people do (in every economic level, every nation, every religion, etc.) and it is up to US to help each other and turn this world RIGHT SIDE UP… but we can only do this by working with each other, not against each other. We want to SPOTLIGHT you being a good person doing good things for good reasons.

Why? Because IT’S IMPORTANT for us to see each other doing and being good — and it’s important for others to see us doing and being good, too. It’s motivating, inspiring, informative, educational, and entertaining all at the same time. There is nothing unethical, immoral, or illegal about good people doing and being good — but there is definitely something wrong with all the seemingly bad people getting most of the airplay, airtime, and having the establishment cultivate, curate, and spend their time, effort, energy, attention, money and life on promoting bad people doing bad things for bad reasons — that the establishment, itself, seems to get away with and win. Over and over. Well, ENOUGH! NO MORE! It’s time for a NEW KIND of media to begin and, people, WE ARE CREATING IT. So there.

We have been working on getting everything ready for this “project” for over the last ten years. I have raised my own money for it (ran out of it a long time ago), and now my business partner and I are self-funding it. We were offered by the TOP Hollywood TV studios and networks to do this “project” with them, but we would have lost all creative control and received barely a fraction of the credit. We turned them all down and here is the 100% honest-to-God-truth and reason why: they wanted to take our ideas that they LOVED (and were DYING TO TAKE from us), and turn those GOOD ideas into what the industry calls “trainwreck TV” which means pitting people against each other and dumbing-down our GOOD ideas to the lowest common denominator of BAD IDEAS and “bad for you TV” and thus end up DISRESPECTING our fellow Americans and human beings. I WILL NOT DO THAT! I am DONE with the “powers that be” putting out trash media and LIES. So, instead of contributing to the problem, we decided to create a solution. That’s what this is all about.

I will NOT allow MY VOICE to be used for anything that is unintelligent, unloving, or based on prejudice, ignorance, hatred, delusions, or any of the enormous numbers of narratives, myths, and lies the current media establishment puts out there to trick the innocent and ignorant — leading them astray and often to emotional, financial, and spiritual ruin. Well, I WILL NOT DO THAT and I do not want anything to do with that. THAT IS WRONG!

It is time to create a NEW MEDIA system for WE THE PEOPLE of this earth — a media that is FOR the best of who we are and not the worst. We have told the “old tribe” NO and we aren’t looking back but only see the brightness fo the future as we begin the next phase of this journey with POSITIVE, FORWARD-MOVING, LOVING ENERGY. If any of this message resonates with you, and if you believe and feel and know in the core of your being that you are a part of GOOD PEOPLE DOING GOOD THINGS FOR GOOD REASONS, then please sign up for FREE on our email list and join us. We can do this TOGETHER or we can allow the old tribe to continue  like the thief who comes only to kill, steal, and destroy…

We believe WE ARE HERE to have and enjoy our life in abundance, to the full, until it overflows to everyone on this earth and WE WILL NOT SETTLE, WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN, AND WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED. For more information about all this stuff, please go to We Are Creating It. Yes, we’re just getting started!

I’m asking you to please join us today. Sign up. It’s free. You’ll be hearing updates each month about what’s going on, what’s next, and how you can get involved and ENJOY CREATING with us on your own journey of rising to your own full potential and showing up as all of who you really are. Thank you very much!

Yours in Creating,

David Scotland

P.S. We are GROWING stronger and stronger every single day and the word is getting out. For those who have already signed up, WE THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! This is the real deal, and it’s everything we’ve been working towards with our very own lives, money, reputation, credibility, and everything else on the line. We’ve said NO to selling out to the establishment media and we will enver regret it. We KNOW that GOODNESS matters. Do you? That’s why we’re doing this. Because the only way for evil to continue and to spread is for GOOD PEOPLE to do nothing. So let’s do something. Let’s DO THIS and just BE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. It is time to SHOW UP and SHOW THE WORLD WHO WE ARE. Thank you very much. Go sign up now!