WE ARE CREATING IT - WEARECREATINGIT.COMWelcome to the official website of We Are Creating It — this is THE place “of creativestors, by creativestors, for creativestors.” We feature “The world’s #1 best original co-creative content by creativestors.” What exactly is a “creativestor?” First, it’s actually a brand new, original word created by the founder (creator + investor = creativestor) and, second, a creativestor is someone who is the creator and investor at the same time. A creativestor is a human being who creates and works* according to “good people doing good things for good reasons.” 

We believe the creator IS the second investor because the ultimate Creator (by whatever name you want to call it) is the first investor that invests It’s “idea” with a creator (a person). Nowhere in this equation is there a “money changer” or banker, investment banker, venture capitalist, etc. nor does there need to be some money person because “money” isn’t real in the first place and most rational minds know that. Money is a manmade construct of agreement about control and we believe that the “agreement” (such as it is) has gone sour and become quite bitter and toxic; and, we’re bold enough to say we think it needs to be voided or at least changed for the better.

Simply put, the Creator doesn’t need money involved in any way in order to invest Its idea with a creator of Its choosing. The investment of the Creator’s Ideas with a human creator is not dependent on manmade money. Period. The first “transaction” that takes place is between God and a human being, period, and this “transaction” literally cannot be commercialized. We believe humanity has forgotten that and part of our vision is to remind people about all of who they really are — that each one of us is a creator with a choice to either spend our life enjoying creating what we love or to spend our life suffering while destroying what we have (which is the power to create).

Think about it: in the manmade-world the “money-changers” are always at the front of the equation in terms of power, influence, and control. Those “money changers” have self-appointed themselves to be first in line to reap the rewards of someone else’s work* while the actual creator has been forced to come almost last while the ultimate Creator is made to be dead last (pun intended). We believe this equation is totally backwards and, in reality, it is backwards. That’s why capitalism isn’t working because it goes against the laws of nature and the laws of reality and the laws of an economics based on love and abundance not fear and scarcity.

At We Are Creating It we believe that the Creator comes first, the creator comes second, and everyone and everything else comes third, so to speak. Part of our mission is to show the upside-down world how it can be turned right-side-up and start working for Providence instead of mere prominence or money-making for the sake of money-making. Life doesn’t eat and breathe money. No private or public sector anyone or anything taught the birds how to fly or the trees to grow or the sun to shine or the waters to flow. There’s another Intelligence and it’s THAT Intelligence we knowingly love and serve because our life literally depends upon it and not the manmade world of illusions and all kinds of toxic and false nonsense.

The way we see it, the Creator gave some idea or inspiration (about the next big thing, product, service or experience) to some person (who is a creator) in order to bring that idea into manifestation in some way. The Creator did not give that same idea to some other person like a “money person,” or a bank, investor, venture capitalist, lawyer, government, trust, or some other legal fiction, etc. in order for them to merely make money on the idea while the real creator gets hardly any rewards or fruits of their labor, if any. Because truth be told, the “money changers” (in all their different forms) have a vested interest in moving away from and moving against the best interests of the actual creators, themselves, and we believe that is 100% unloving, unethical, immoral, and destructive and is THE KEY REASON WHY “capitalism” isn’t working as well as it could work.

The primary “capital” is first and foremost the idea, the inspiration, the insight — sent by the Creator to the creator. Without that primary step, manmade “capital” isn’t worth doo-doo, and all the money changers know it. We’re not fooled, either. In fact, we’re onto them, big time. But the good news is, we don’t have to resist them. Instead, we can choose to move towards our own creative power and in doing so we automatically move against and move away from the destructive power of “the thief who comes only to kill, steal, and destroy.” In short, we submit to Creating and creators which automatically allows us to resist the destruction and destroyers.

We Are Creating It is an idea whose time has come — an idea about the creator receiving the fruits of their labor and not some money person who didn’t do one thing to help get something created — and the most important step in the creative process is moving towards the Creator in order to receive the idea in the first place because without that, money doesn’t matter and no amount of money or manmade laws are going to solve the problem of not being able to receive an idea in the first place. In short: if you aren’t able to receive the Idea from the Creator, we don’t believe you should receive the rewards of what it takes to receive the idea and bring it into manifestation. Any idiot can “create money out of thin air via a few strokes on the computer” or move numbers around on manmade ledgers or within unnecessarily complex constructs of legal fictions, but not everyone has the voltage, soul, or spirit to be able to receive the Big Idea from the Creator in the first place, much less have the ability to bring it into manifestation via the giving and receiving of love, only

We Are Creating It is based on a philosophy of life as well as an economic philosophy that the founder calls Companionism, and is based on sustainable and interconnecting macro- and micro-economies that are based on the giving and receiving of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, power, wisdom, truth, and victory. Simply put, it’s what some people like to call “God’s economy.”

We hope you will find something here to give you an “ah-ha!” about who you are, what you do, and why you’re here. If we can be a catalyst for good and inspiring changes in your life, then we’ve done our job. We stand for enjoying creating love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self-control, power, wisdom, truth, and victory through the giving and receiving of those “fruits of the spirit” only, so that we may be in resonance with radiance. Oh, and we do all this through Who We Are, What We Do, Why We Do It, via Our Creativesto.

We’re glad you’re here and we encourage you to join us on this exciting and revolutionary new journey of “Good People Doing Good Things for Good Reasons.” Sign up for free membership or become a valued partner and enjoy all the goodies, perks, and benefits. We’re creating and building and ENJOYING a whole new world of creating, producing, making, doing, moving, and shaking things up (in a good way!).

When we launch in AUTUMN of 2015 we will have our own media channel with shows, workshops, seminars, and teachings for you to experience on any device that shows audio and video — any smartphone, any tablet or iPad-type device, any computer, and any television so that we may broadcast to our global audience of over 14.3 million viewers. For all of us at We Are Creating It, this is a dream come true. For you, it may be a great new beginning of showing YOU who you really are, what you are actually capable of, and how to make YOUR dreams come true. Thank you for visiting us, and we’ll see you in the autumn of 2015 to celebrate “THE LAUNCH!” You can visit our Facebook Page here!


* There’s an old saying:

“He who wrests with the earth and works with his hands, this is called work.

He who works with those who wrest with the earth and work with their hands, this is called management.

He who works with those who work with those who wrest with the earth and work with their hands, this is called finance.”