What We Do

We Are Creating It -- WHAT WE DOWe enjoy creating and producing ideas, strategies, systems, methods, processes, stories, teachings, products, services, and experiences that will change lives for the better.

At We Are Creating It, we believe that only by co-creating and nurturing innovative, productive and accountable interconnecting macro- and micro-economies that are socially responsible, sustainable, ethical and, of course, profitable, can we enjoy newfound prosperity and success in achieving dynamic unity, freedom, and peace yet unseen on the planet.

We want all of who we really are and everything we do to be in alignment with that truth. As creator and producer of some of the hottest business ideas, systems, strategies, methods, as well as entertaining & educational content today, our world-class collection of expertise, passion, vision, and results shows the world an inspiring range of new ways that individuals, groups, organizations, associations, non-profits, NGOs, other entities, and for-profit businesses can work together as cooperative companions instead of competitive combatants to imagine and produce, innovate and improve, inspire and co-create a better world for all of us — by helping not one person at a time but millions of people at a time, and always remembering to enjoy our shared success.

As such, we are a new kind of abundance-creating company for the 21st century. We are devoted to imagining, building, sustaining, curating, and growing better economies by leveraging systems in media production & distribution, entertainment & education, marketing & sales, systems & strategies, methods & processes, and content & context. In short, we are a co-creative company leveraging individuals and knowledge through our products, services, and experiences offered through our entertaining, educational content in order to create prosperity-based economies.