Why We Do It

We Are Creating It - OUR CULTURE

“We Are Creating It exists so people may have and enjoy the process of creating their creations in abundance, to the full, until it overflows. Our Dream is to be the premiere purveyor and worldwide market leader of what it means to be conscious and competent while enjoying creating. Our Charge is to provide experiences of predictably positive transformation via the cause of being responsible with our best energy and our highest self and their positive effects embodied in our growing and sustainable economy of world class products, services, and experiences of entertaining, educational content that can change lives for the better.”

~ David Scotland, Creator, Principal, & Executive Producer of Big Joy Media and We Are Creating It

Big Joy Media and We Are Creating It are more than corporate legal fictions, profit systems, or organizations with a name. They are both vibrant, positive, intelligent, pioneering, joyous, creative, ethical, and strong cultural families created by people, with people, for people.

Our culture is inspired by an economic paradigm and method based on being companions of each other, not combatants – and we are intent on creative creation not creative destruction. We do not ascribe to the values, belief systems, and behavioral paradigms of “fair is foul and foul is fair.” We believe it is an honor and a privilege to be grateful and thankful, loving and hopeful, helpful and humble, honorable and courageous, and strong and truthful as we succeed in enjoying creating. As such, we are an organization of like-minded individuals sharing a common vision and mission, united by our culture composed of good values, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, knowledge, and beliefs, and performed by behaviors of excellence – all of which we use to create great results for ourselves, our communities, our country, and our world.

The purpose of our culture is to provide our partners with a foundational sense of identity and stability, dignity and respect, loving and intelligent thought and action, and a joyous sense of one’s true function on earth — what we call “my true value” — so as to inspire a profound personal and professional commitment to our values, beliefs, and behaviors that are larger and greater than our own individual selves. Because we’re not just individuals in isolation. We are companions of each other co-creating with one another. That’s why it is imperative that our culture honors both the specific in the individual and the universal in the larger contexts of our families, our cities, our regions, our countries, and our world.

Our culture recognizes that individuals are works in process and in progress, who create on purpose and with purpose, according to their true value and true function:

  • “My True Value is the action of responsibly providing an authentic, useful, valuable product, service, or experience that is innovative and genuine beyond consumer imagination; and, customized to exceed the customer’s context and expectations so that cynicism is eliminated, disruption is advantageous, and opportunity is created for more sales and an ever-expanding audience for more exciting and profitable periods of time, because of being true to oneself. Now, one has something to discover, create, and give, rather than to want.”
  • “My True Function is to give and receive with love only — that vector is defined by these qualities: creating, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, power, wisdom, truth, and victory.”

Our dream is to be revered as the premiere purveyor and market leader for “enjoying creating” worldwide by providing valuable, meaningful, profitable and successful quality products, services, and experiences.

Our focus is to get the whole world to enjoy creating in abundance, to the full, until it overflows.

Our spirit is One Dream, One Team. One Creation, Many Joys. Truth is One, Paths are Many.

Our big why: somebody has to be in resonance with the vector of radiance and turn this world right side up, so it might as well be us – and because there’s nothing better to do than to make the world a better, nicer, more loving place. So that’s why WE ARE CREATING IT!

For all these reasons, our culture allows us a foundation of “creating, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, power, wisdom, truth, and victory” so that we may continue striving to be a world-class brand of exceptional energy, ideas, quality, enjoyment, creativity, and results. Our culture is our place to stand, from which we will move the earth.


Our Stand


We Are Creating It - OUR STAND

The We Are Creating It Mission stands for being regarded as perfecting the experience of Create the Creation™ through continuous innovation and inspiration, the highest standards of being the worldwide quality and market leader of enjoying creating, and through co-creating with each other as hopeful, positive, intelligent conscious competent works in progress and in process giving and receiving in love only and not as cynical, negative, murmuring, grumbling, and complaining unintelligent unconscious incompetents living but destroying in fear. Our mission involves bringing the best experience of the highest quality resonance products, services, and experiences to people with many different income levels and backgrounds who love how our inspirational, educational, and entertaining offerings, creative elements of style, and original works can allow them to personally experience enjoying creating in abundance, to the full, until it overflows. We co-create with our guests so that everyone enjoys co-creating the resonance experience on the vector of radiance.


Our Brand

We Are Creating It is revered as the preferred way to personally experience feeling good…  seeking and developing mastery over one’s mystery, style & sensuality, intimacy & passion, purpose & power, curiosity & credibility, evolution & emotion, love & respect, and fulfillment in one’s habits & habitat, memes & memories, fashion & fun, love & lifestyle, resonance and raison d’être by turning the fringe into fabulous, the underground into out of this world, and the message into the medium for satisfaction unparalleled because nothing is impossible when it comes to being revered as the Premiere Purveyor for providing universe-changing creative frequencies of resonance that transform our customer’s past, present, future, internal & external, online/offline, personal & professional, public & private lives …forever.”


Our Love

We love offering people the opportunity to succeed so they can enjoy a good, healthy, loving, financially secure, and happy life and all that means to them, personally, as well as the opportunity to pursue their own dreams, enjoy peace of mind by being able to restore and control their own economic stability, live with good morals and values, and have the chance to thrive while giving something back and hopefully make a positive difference in this world by demonstrating one’s own willingness to be a shining example of a good, authentic, and responsible life well lived… because they’re good people to begin with. 


Our Bottom Line

In a nutshell, our methods are simply this: we only do what works while giving and receiving love only, because that’s the only way we know how to be a good company working with good people (that’s you) and creating good things. The other reason is that we’re really good at what we do (really!) and we have the bad back to prove it. Oh, yeah, and the results speak for themselves. They’re profitable, profitable, profitable.